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.Today's Word

What is it that is on the other side that faith challenges us with?

Riches comes with responsibilities, mind your place with the riches your have on earth, for your riches may also be your blessing.
So, I urge you to walk by Faith and not by sight.
King Solomon had to ask God for Wisdom and understanding in view to be a good leader, and the Bible told us that God gave him riches also.
Control of riches and honour was acomplished in Jashua Messiah, Christ did not let who He was effect His task from God the Father.
I tell you the truth, We have inherited above all that God had created on earth "Understand this saying through the Spirit of understanding". My question to you is, what is it that we have inherited, through the Spirit shall you understand, it is something word can not explain.
In this world today and now, I want you to know that you have the power, after all it is complete
Now, imagine this situation, satan was given the tools he needed to completed his short mission, picture this Judas was the treasurer, he had the money bag and the liberty to betray Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ has dominion over all, His Riches, Glory and Honour was restore to Him many fold.

Thank you for visiting and remain blessed.



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